About Us

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 At TerraPro, our business is built on understanding our customer and the challenges our customer faces, then relentlessly pursuing the solution in the most timely, responsive, and cost effective manner. That is our pledge to  you!

We achieve this by simply concentrating on three driving principles:

1) PRODUCT: What you need, when you need it, where you need it!


a) We source the highest quality product solutions available for you. Whether it is Access Matting, or 400 BBL tanks, we understand clearly and take very seriously, the impact of quality and attention to detail in delivering our products and services.


b) We continually upgrade and refresh our access mat/ swamp mat inventory to ensure your access and site is not compromised by deteriorating matting. We are also continually increasing our mat fleet of approximately 20,000 mats to ensure availability when you need it.


c) We have several staging and storage yards throughout the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin footprint to ensure product is available in proximity to your required location. We are currently offering mobilization quotes based on our published locations, allowing us to quote your project from a site close to your location even if mats need to come from our other sites or the railhead.

2) PEOPLE: The best in the industry at what they do!

a. We choose our people with our customers in mind.
b.We are proud of our people.
c.We invest in our people.
d.We care for our people.


e) Clarity in communications – we strive to understand clearly your needs, confirm our understanding with you, and then go about our business delivering the solution.
Pride in our work – Every individual on our team is proud of their skill and what they do. Whether this is in the field, in the office, or in management, pride in our work ensures excellence and competence in getting our job done for you.
g) Our investment in our people – We continually support and encourage ongoing personal and professional development in skills required to do all of our jobs better. We also provide opportunities for financial participation by our employees in Terrapro through our investment programs. This leads to a high quality work force providing you with access solutions you can count on.
h) We understand this is a people to people business and that relationships in the workplace and beyond matter. Paying attention to that principle allows our people to work smarter, and work safer when they are on your job.

It’s amazing what you can get done when it doesn’t matter who gets the credit!

3) PRICING: Fair and predictable.

a) We strive not to be the lowest cost provider, or the highest priced solution, but rather to offer you the greatest value for your matting dollar by:
i. Ensuring and enforcing cost efficiency in the transportation of matting to your site by good planning, careful selection of transport providers, and competent scheduling and supervision to minimize costly inefficiencies. We are also willing and able to provide you with competitive mobilization and demobilization lump sum quotes at your request to eliminate any cost risk for you.
ii. Competent and time conscious field equipment operators ensure the greatest efficiencies and lowest cost mobilization/demobilization services respective of job size or complexity. Our people are motivated to GET ’ER DONE! We will never compromise safety, but we will not let that be an excuse for operational inefficiencies!
iii. Our pricing will be fairly negotiated with your decision maker to reflect pricing commensurate with project rental quantities, projected project lengths and projects specifics related to wear and tear on the rental product in place. Similarly negotiations related to damaged or destroyed mats are not “top down” or “confrontational” but rather collaborative efforts to achieve a fair resolution and set the stage for strong long lasting business relationships that benefit both participants.
iv. At our customer’s request, we are willing to offer longer term fixed price solutions to matting supply and management, based on rental, rent to own, or purchase and mange scenarios.

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