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The TerraPro Group of Companies provide remote access and terrain protection products and services to a wide array of industries and applications. While our primary geographical focus is on Western and Northern Canada, the technology and products we represent are as applicable to similar challenges spanning the globe. Our industry leading technology, logistics expertise, and collaborative approach to solving your access challenges position TerraPro as your preferred supplier for terrain protection and remote access products and services.

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We source the highest quality product solutions available for you. We continually upgrade and refresh our access mat / swamp mat inventory to ensure your access and site is not compromised by deteriorating matting. We have several staging and storage yards throughout the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin footprint to ensure product is available.



The best in the industry at what they do! We choose our people with our customers in mind. We strive to understand clearly your needs, confirm our understanding with you, and then go about our business delivering the solution. 



Fair and predictable. We strive not to be the lowest cost provider, or the highest priced solution, but rather to offer you the greatest value for your matting dollar. We ensure cost effiiciency in the transportation of matting to your site. Our pricing will be fairly negotiated with your decision maker to reflect pricing commensurate with project rental quanities.

What is a swamp mat / Access Mat?

Access or swamp mats are typically constructed of rough sawn oak timber. Fir mats are also common in Western Canada but are less durable than oak mats. Hybrid mats are built from a combination of fir and oak lumber. Swamp mats built in this fashion, are somewhat more robust than fir mats, but less so than swamp mats built entirely from oak. While usually referred to as swamp mats or access mats, they can also be known as oak mats, fir mats, hybrid mats, road mats, lease mats, and are sometimes more generically, but incorrectly called rig mats.

How large are swamp mats / Access Mats?

The most common swamp mats / access mats used in Western Canada, is 8í by 14í in dimension, and constructed from three layers of rough sawn oak 2í x 8í timbers, perpendicularly laminated, and held together by approximately 200 bolts. Three timbers on each mat extend on one end leaving a cavity on the other end of the access mat and allowing adjoining swamp mats to interleave. This feature provides enhanced stability and surface integrity when the swamp matting is placed in the field.

How much does a swamp mat / Access Mat weigh?

An oak swamp mat / access mat can weigh between 2,000 to 3,000 pounds. After field use and when moisture laden, the weight of swamp mats / access mats can exceed 3500 pounds. Fir matting on the other hand is significantly lighter (1500 to 2000 pounds/ fir mat) and hybrid matting weighs in at 1700 to 2200/per hybrid mat.

What is the difference between rig mats and swamp mats / Access Mats?

Rig mats are constructed of both structural steel and wood and are typical 8í by 20í, 8í by 30í, or 8í by 40í in dimension. As a result, swamp mats / access mats can be handled by wheel loaders and grapple equipped excavators. Rig mats, on the other hand require crane and winches to move and handle.

How are swamp mats / Access Mats transported?

Swamp matting / access matting is transported in quantity from the manufacturer to the region of deployment by rail, and then transferred to transport trucks for furtherance to specific locations of deployment.

How are swamp mats / Access Mats handled on site?

When the swamp mats / access mats reach their destination of mobilization, the matting is unloaded and placed by Rubber Tired Loaders and Excavators equipped with grapples specifically designed to handle swamp mats / access mats. When the resource company has completed their work, the swamp matting / access matting is once again loaded on transports for relocation to the next project.

Swamp Mat Rental from the Experts

TerraPro is an industry leader in the business of swamp mat rental.  For resource extraction in remote locations, accessing the jobsite with a minimum of environmental disruption is often very difficult to do.  TerraPro has a swamp mat rental program to safely protect the terrain environmentally while also protecting your bottom line.  Our durable, but lightweight, modular access mat rental program provides you with a product that is easy to transport and assemble in challenging locations.  

Our combination of oak and fir mats is popular and respected by industry leaders, but we are flexible and can design and construct a swamp mat to handle your specific needs.  At TerraPro, our swamp mat rental team can help you select the best combination of access mats for your job.  Our logistics team will make certain your access mats are where you want them, when you want them, so you can quickly get on site and on with the job.  And when the job is done, we’ll retrieve and store or ship your swamp mat rentals to another worksite of your choice.

Give our sales and rental team a call. TerraPro will provide a comprehensive assessment of your project.  Together we can determine the size and type of swamp mat rental you’ll require to provide a cost effective answer to any worksite challenge.

Access Mat Rental—Environmental protection—Solid bottom line

The TerraPro Group of Companies has been a leading provider of access mat rentals for specialized terrain protection for many years.  Oil and gas, mining, and industrial developers are our primary customers.  They have counted on us for guidance and reliable products when it comes to providing access mat rentals for some of their most challenging projects.

We can provide engineered access mat rentals to deal with the most challenging situations. Using the latest designs and techniques with composite materials, our access mat rentals provide state of the art protection that fulfill environmental regulations and provide safe, flexible and stable access mat solutions for challenging worksites.

400 BBL Tanks

TerraPro also carries a rental fleet of 400 BBL tanks. These specialized tanks are designed for use in the storage of oil, circulation mud, frac fluids, and fuel.  Our 400 BBL tanks are manufactured to exacting industry standards.  While we have a comprehensive line of these tanks in our inventory ready for rental, we can also arrange for the manufacturing of 400 BBL tanks to meet your specifications. We can customize your high performance tanks with a variety of finishes and signage.

Our 400 BBL tanks are innovative storage systems used in industry, agriculture, and oil and gas exploration projects.  Terra Pro can provide you with the best 400 BBL tanks available.  Give us a call at 1-855-255-TANK.  We’ll be glad to discuss your fluid storage needs with you.  Working together, we will come up with a liquid solution that could include one of our industry leading 400 BBL tanks.


Work with our team of experienced logistic experts to guarantee your access mats are the right design and material.  Once our planning and logistics office have considered your needs, we’ll have our access mats or storage tanks on your job site when you need them.  At TerraPro we can organize a comprehensive package of products and services that will look after the complete construction, delivery, set up and take down of your order.

Our logistics team can provide leapfrogging and equipment relocation services that will work for you. Our sales or rental team can offer a variety of services for your access or swamp mats which can include offsite storage, mat repair, as well as snow clearing and roadway maintenance.  Our complete set of services leave you free to get on site efficiently and safely, and get the job done.  Work with the professionals at TerraPro, and we’ll help you improve your bottom line.


We’ve been supporting oil and gas projects in remote locations for many years.  Our team of consultants will work with you to deal with specific mat configuration, terrain or environmental challenges.  We’ll give you access to some of the best access matting solutions on the market.   We’ll help you reduce the level of risk and optimize the ultimate return on investment.

At Terra Pro we’ve worked with a broad cross section of the exploration and development industry.  Whether you decide to purchase or rent access mats, we can provide a comprehensive mat management program that will make the most efficient decisions to save you time and money.

Mat fleet Management

TerraPro guarantees on time delivery and installation.  We mobilize and demobilize road, rig or access mats in an efficient manner.  As one of TerroPro’s valued clients, you’ll have access to our mat management and loss prevention software.  This software will graphically display the deployment of your fleet and provide ‘real time’ information on the location and movement of your fleet as it changes job sites.

We’re proud of our first class reputation in the business of remote location access products and terrain protection solutions.  We’ve been providing excellent service for the major oil and gas exploration companies in Canada and the United States for many years. We’re especially proud of our experience and high level of service with the challenging terrain found in Western and Northern Canada.

Join us on your next venture.  At TerraPro, we promise you the best product on the market, where you need it, when you need it, at a fair and predictable price.

Give us a call at: 1-855-255-MATS.

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March 12, 2012: Petroleum Technology Alliance or Canada (PTAC) - TerraPro President, Richard Kulhawe, will be presenting at the PTAC Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada.

This highly informative event will present insights into new and emerging technologies. These technologies address high priority challenges, identified by producers, for innovative oil, gas and oil sands applications for exploration, production and the protection of the environment.